Tesla Pitch Deck: Orignal vs Redesign Pitch Deck FREE Template

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Tesla Pitch Deck Template Download Tesla Investor Pitch Deck - PDF and PPT

The first slide of Tesla has professional branding with a logo. it is also called a Cover slide. We redesign the first slide with the latest branding of tesla and the color scheme and layout look very sophisticated and attractive.  


Tesla Pitch Presentation

In the second slide, the group of the top level of the team showed all the past work experiences and the last company name. This slide Start with CEO Elon Musk introducing the CTO, CFO, VPs, and Chief Designer.

Make your investor deck highlight your team's strengths. This should be a slide show. show a list of group members on that slide.


Tesla Pitch Deck presentation

the third slide shows company growth over the years in a bar chart. Tesla decided to convey this data via chart and represent the team's progress across three departments. 
use this slide, to show your company's growth or use can use other charts as well.

Toyota's partnership with Tesla

Tesla Toyota partner

In the fourth Slide, Tesla collaborated with Toyota and they built a fully integrated powertrain and battery, at an expected $60 million in revenue. include the term of a contract of upgradation and specific automobile car.

Tesla's agreement with Panasonic

Tesla Panasonic partner Tesla Pitch Deck Template Download Tesla Investor Presentation

Tesla starts a collaboration with Panasonic. They also opted to focus on long-term partnerships with the brand, minimal pricing, and innovations in cell development.

Tesla's partnership with Daimler

Tesla Pitch Deck

The third collaboration of tesla with the Daimler company. Daimler manufacturers most famously Mercedes-Benz. The agreement was based on concentrating on producing battery packs and chargers for electric vehicles.

Models of Cars

Tesla Pitch Deck Template Download free Tesla Investor Presentation

The seventh slide in the deck is all about the Roadster and its global standing. This slide shows in brief how their products are well positioned all over the world

Model S:

Tesla Investor Presentation

In a class of its own:

Investor Presentation tesla

This Slide talks about the features and performance of Model S from the perspective of design and innovation. The Model S features 4G wireless connectivity and the average distance on one charge is up to 300 miles. Moreover, the Model S hits 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds.

Platform for Broader Market Opportunity:

Tesla Pitch Deck Download

In this slide, we can see the growth strategy of Tesla. This slide is concerned with the company's expansion development of a wide variety of automobiles for the rising demand for electric vehicles, including family sedans, vans, and SUVs.

Progressing on Model S:

Tesla electric car model S Pitch Deck

This slide details the development of Tesla's Model S in terms of events that took place in certain years. The year 2010 has the alpha build which is designed for crash safety. It has a structural design with a great handling balance. In the year 2011, the beta build phase has begun before it reaches production. Other events that took place this year are crash test programs, an online stamping facility, installation of tooling equipment, and the paint shop operational. The start of deliveries took place in the year 2012. This design, which has three phases, is a perfect choice for informing and captivating your audience.

Fremont Facility:

Tesla Investor Pitch Presentation

In this slide, we can see the blue colored area which shows the detail about the Planned Model S facilities, and the brown colored area which shows the Future programs. We can see the labeling on the diagram for the blue colored area. The future programs of Tesla mentioned in the slide purchase price will be $42MM in the future and it will be ideal for Gen III EV. It will have a historical annual capacity of over 400,000 units.

Strategic Asset Purchases:

Tesla Pitch Deck Template Download Tesla Investor Presentation

This slide shows the detail about the strategic asset purchases made by Tesla for the production of their cars. As we can see in this slide that there are images presented that depicts how Tesla cars are being assembled in the factory

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