Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides – Which one better?

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Post on January 13, 2021 | by TheCreative Next

In the world of presentation software, the top most popular and widely using PowerPoint and Google Slides. One of this software is used by businesses, organizations, and individuals on a daily basis. PowerPoint first release in 1990. Almost 30+ years pass and still the world's most dominant Presentation software. Google slides made in 2006 a cloud-based online software written in JavaScript programming language.

What goes into a presentation software program?

A good piece of presentation software will contain several different features that serve different purposes. Each of these unique features gives the user the ability to add things to a presentation that will help them to convey their message to the audience.


The usability of PowerPoint is easy to become a master. Easy to make a professional, modern presentation with standard templates and themes. Pre-made templates are available in PowerPoint and also you can download free templates from Microsoft's official website.

Google Slides come with pre-made themes that you can modify and customize according to your brand color, fonts, and more. You can also import a PowerPoint template as well. For Free templates you have, you find different sources. No official website where you can download templates


Design a PowerPoint Presentation is so simple easy to customize, charts, smart arts, and drag and drop slides to re-order slides.

A cloud base online software that feels you bit uncomfortable because you are new to google slides. Design a slide similar to Powerpoint.

Animations and Transition

A PowerPoint can be automatically controlled by transitions from one slide to another, or manually controlled by a user. There are different transitions, make Slides with special effects to animate all the objects, text, graphics, images, etc.

Google Slides provide simple transitions, animations that are lesser than Powerpoint. If you Looking a full transition presentation. Google slides not a good option. feel a bit restricted


Powerpoint has a variety of fonts. means you can use all fonts which have installed in your fonts folder. you use any fonts that you like. all fonts store on your pc or macintosh. if you move to another machine it feels a bit painful because you have to move the fonts as well that you used.

Google Slides have its own Google Fonts library, You don't need to install fonts. it has a great variety of fonts available.


PowerPoint is an extremely powerful tool that is used by millions of people every day to create and enhance everything from sales presentations, educational, financial, and even entertainment. With its powerful editing functions, you can add many different elements such as pictures, (insertion, editing, and, resizing), text (editing, and custom formatting), and a powerful slide system. All of these functions and features are designed to make it easy for anyone to be able to super-charge their presentation.

Google Slides

Google Docs includes a powerful presentation tool that gives the user all the similar features and functions for adding picture elements. You can edit them (resize, change orientation), and insert them as you see fit. It also includes a function for displaying the individual slides called slideshow.

Google Slides was developed to be free to use presentation software that is part of Google’s Docs Office Suite. For users who want all of the benefits the office productivity software has to offer, but not having to shell out the money that Microsoft’s Office Suite costs.


In the software realm, Microsoft is the king of the hill, however, with that generally comes a high cost. However, Google has been able to find an inroad into the world of presentation software with its Google Docs Slides.

Google’s free-to-use Docs, is its version of the office productivity software suite and it includes Slides. It has many of the same features and functions found in Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The main difference is one is free (Slides) and one will cost you a pretty penny (PowerPoint).