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Post on May 4, 2020 | by TheCreative Next

Every country today is faced with an extreme battle to fight the coronavirus. With every passing day, scientists are learning more and more about this disease, how it spreads, and how to protect the people of the world from it until a vaccine is developed.

While the vaccine will take some time to develop and get out to the world, everyone can do their part to work on prevention. Lockdowns can’t last forever and every country, city, business, and learning institution can benefit from being prepared to prevent coronavirus.

Do you know how to best spread the word with facts on how to stop the spread of COVID-19? Our free PowerPoint presentation and Google Slides are ready to help you get the message out.

This medical template can help you educate those that don’t know about coronavirus. It gives a detailed virus history and discusses what this disease is all about with the latest facts about what is known to this date. Additionally, there are slides that help share prevention and treatment information, how to spot symptoms, and plenty more. The template can be completely customized by the user.

COVID-19 has been described as a very fluid situation due to being a new virus. As that information changes, you can update it through these fully-editable slides, including charts, so that you always present the most accurate and up-to-date information to those you’re sharing it with.

This free presentation download is designed to share information so every country can come out winning the fight against it. Together, we can all make the world a safer and healthier place.

Download the Free Coronavirus Presentation Template and Coronavirus Google Slides and you’ll find clean fonts set upon a medical-based template. You can edit each of the 21 slides and customize them as you wish, resize any images, and change colors if desired. The screen layout is 16:9 to accommodate popular sizes.

Edit the chart, use the 50+ vector flat icons, and make it your own, all absolutely free. There is no cost for this download because sharing accurate information about the coronavirus is imperative for the entire world to defeat it.

Prevent coronavirus from spreading where you are. Information is our best defense during these times and building awareness rather than spreading fear and falsehoods is the only way we’ll get results.

Get the Free Download!

Click the link below and get your free Coronavirus PowerPoint Template and Google Slide Template. This presentation will help you share important information in a professional and efficient way to cover the facts about coronavirus in history, what it is, how to prevent it, treatments being developed, symptoms, current data, and much more!